Thursday, 5 April 2012

Susan's christening, April 1959.
Thomas at Poole's Park junior school, north London, with friends Tony and Ewan, 1984 or 85.
John and Martin, 1983.
Family gathering during Else and Ernst's visit, 1979 - Gundel, Susan, Martin, paul, Kate, Sue, Alfred, Nettie, John, Ruth, (front) Nick, Else, Oma, Norah.
Steven (centre) at 18035 Ford Road, with Martin and Beverly Saunders, 1956. Saunders' house is in the background.
Early 1950s - Margaret, Alfred, ?, Oma - and two shadowy figures in the back. Possibly still Gersfeld (1951) or possibly early days in Quebec (1952).
In the garden in Gersfeld, 1949 - Anni with Margaret, who was in a cast to correct congenital hip dysplasia, which had been discovered when she started walking.